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Lima Peru Temple
Lima Peru Temple

Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday, January 25, 2016

So this week flew by again and this change flew by.  We have changes tomorrow, we find out in the night if I get changed or not so we will see what happens.  I wouldn't mind getting changed to a more humble place haha.  

This week was another good one.  We had our interviews with the president this week and it was strange because he told me the date that I go home.  And started talking about that and all of that stuff.  The interviews are always good.  The President is called of God.

This week there are not that many exciting things to say.   It's just getting hot and hotter.  This week the people have told us that it is supposed to get up to 95 degrees but the humidity is also at 95 percent.  Our ward mission leader bought a machine that sucks the humidity out of the air that is in his house.  And in a couple of hours he had a full bucket of water to dump out.  It gets super hot because of the humidity.

Also this past week we had a devotional for all the missions of all the world!  We were trained by apostles and other general authorities from the church.  It was really cool and a neat experience to have a meeting knowing that all the other missions in the whole entire world were watching the same thing.  

We were going to have a family night with a bunch of people this past week.  The missionaries in the ward and we invited EVERYONE.  And EVERYONE said that they were going to come.  We got there and we were waiting and waiting and nobody was showing up.  There were 3 people there and we had already waited like 45 minutes so we decided to start it.  We ended with the same three people.  So even though not that many people went it was still a good experience.  We taught the restoration with candles.  Pictures included.  It was great and the spirit was strong.  

That is my report for this week.  I love you all!!  Have a great week!

*****NEW PICTURES at the bottom (after all the little side pictures).  His mom finally figured out how to do the file on the semi-new computer. *********

Monday, January 18, 2016

This past week was great.  On Wednesday we had a meeting with Elder Uceda, all the missionaries and leaders of ward council.  It was seriously such a great meeting.  The Bishops left the meeting very happy because Elder Uceda talked about how the bishop is responsible for the youth.   So if older people have family problems and things like that then it goes to the elders or the sumos and the stake so it was interesting and the Bishops were happy.  
Also, in the meeting, I was amazed the whole entire time.  He started telling us the story of the church here in Perú.  Perú is the country to make it to 100 stakes faster than any other country.  Faster than the US, faster than Mexico, Brasil, any country, the fastest.  And this past week Stake number 101 was opened.  So the church is growing fast here and Elder Uceda was talking because the people have the blood of Lehi.  So I feel very blessed to be able to be here in Perú teaching these people.

After that Elder Uceda called a family up.  Well a mom and a dad that were converts (and have 4 kids and 1 in the mission), then he called the ward council up from the ward of this couple.  He then talked to everyone and asked the ward council how they helped this family (that is now sealed) stay active in the church.  They talked about it all and Elder Uceda then called up 4 people to represent the kids and said that thanks to the ward council a family and many souls were saved.  Then he said the kids will also have kids and called up 3 kids for each child of the couple so 12 more people.  Then he said your grandkids will have kids and called up 3 people for each of the grandchildren and so it was 36 more people.  And he showed us that the work we do doesn't just save that one person.  It saves generations and generations of people.  He said that if a person makes a decision to leave the church they take with them hundreds and hundreds of other spirits because the next spirits will not be born in the church.  It was a very cool meeting.

The next day we had a meeting with him with our whole mission.  It was AWESOME.  It was from like 8 in the morning until 230.  He trained for almost 4 hours and it was incredible.  He has so much information in his head.  All these facts and everything and he didn't even use notes to teach us!  He just went based on the spirit.  It was truly incredible.  The general authorities and everyone in the church are called of God.  

We also got a triple in Russian yesterday!  Hermana Larsons son was asking RMs in Provo from Russia and he found one and sent it here and yesterday we went to the presidents house to pick it up then we went and gave it to _____. He is still very busy but he was happy to receive it and he told us that he could actually read and understand now.  So hopefully that helps him out in his progress.

I also got to go and baptize an investigator of some of the hermanas in my district this week!  The baptism was very nice and the spirit was very strong.  

Something I learned this week in the meeting with Elder Uceda is that repentance is a principle of perfection.  It is something sweet and should not be feared.  


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Monday, January 11, 2015

This week there wasn't a whole lot that happened.  One exciting day was Wednesday.  a young man came with us and we found 4 new people to teach that day!  We told him that he was a good luck charm so I think that we will be using him more often.  Maybe every day haha.  Also this lady gave us free water bottles and ice cream!  (He says it's really hot now.) So it was a really good day.  So when I lived in Callao the family that we lived with had a bakery in Callao and in Miraflores.  They have a car that has a BYU sticker on the back of it and I recognized it here in my sector the other day.  So when we went in to a store to buy a drink, she was in there and recognized me and was the one who gave us free water and ice cream!  So that was awesome.

Also, we have another investigator that I told you all about last week who is 23.  Last night she accepted a baptismal date!  So if all goes well we are going to have a baptism on the 23 of this month.  So that will be good.  She is excited and really likes the church.  Also her husband owns a store that sells all these old items and watches and all this stuff.  It is pretty cool.

With ____ and ____, they are still good!  This past week they just didn't have much time.  Because ____ (the Ukranian investigator) found a job and he is basically gone all day long.  Because he cant have very many jobs because he doesn't speak Spanish so this job is good for him but he just doesn't have that much time.  They are still excited we just have to find an hour that we can go teach them!  

This week we are going to have two meetings with Elder Uceda!  One on Wednesday with our mission and members of a bunch of stakes and one on Thursday with just our mission!  So I am excited for that. 

Well, that is the news from this week.  Sorry, I didn't take any pictures this week.
But I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Monday, January 4, 2015

This week was a little slower than normal because a lot of people traveled for the new year but we were able to find some new people.  One new person we found was a less active and his wife that are not members.  They had been going to church and we had a lesson with them on Monday.  It was funny, she told us a story about how she was baptized and all that stuff but she didn't really remember much and we didn't really think she was baptized so we searched for her baptismal record and it wasn't there.  But she said she would like to be baptized again so that is good.  The husband is a lot older than she is but they are great!  

_____ the Ukranian and his wife went to church again!  They love it.  I am still trying to find a Book of Mormon in Russian.  This morning we got a text from Hermana Larson and she said that if we want, we can use some other Elders in the mission that speak some Russian to help teach him.  In our mission we have like 6 missionaries who were going to go to Ukraine and were in the MTC for 6 weeks learning Russian and then because of the war and everything they got changed to Perù and a bunch of them have been studying Russian here in the mission.  So in this week we are going to see if we can get one of those elders to come here for a lesson to teach him in Russian!  But we will see, this week or next week.

New years here this time was pretty boring.  We didn't do much.  A lady invited us over to eat at 7 but nobody invited us over to stay until midnight.  So we were just in our room which was better because I was tired.  We fell asleep at about 10 o clock and then randomly woke up at about 1130 so then we stayed up until the new year and then crashed again.  Where we are the people can get in trouble for using fireworks so there weren't very many.  Especially compared to when I was in Callao last year.  But it was good.  That is about it for this week.  I hope that you all have a great week!  I love you all!