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Lima Peru Temple
Lima Peru Temple

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Monday, July 13, 2015

Ok, so this week was kind of tough up until Sunday.  We had a baptism planned for Saturday and our investigator didn't answer us the whole entire week. We were going to baptize him, both of our appointments fell through and then we received a call on Saturday...  He was calling to say that first of all he couldn't call because he didn't have credit before and then after that his kid was sick and in the hospital the whole week so he couldn't meet with us so that was kind of rough.  But hopefully this week we can put a baptismal date with him again.  

Other than that the week was just tough.  We didn't have a lot of lessons, a bunch of lessons fell through, some people don't really want to listen so I am not going to lie, I was pretty discouraged.  Until I was asked to give a spiritual thought and I came across D&C 18 where it talks about the worth of souls and how we wil have great joy with the people even if we just bring one soul to our Heavenly Father.  So then I was thinking and thinking about how we have one investigator that is progressing towards his baptism so well.  Like he is really excited and just is loving everything.  We had a lesson with him and the whole time we were asking him if he had any quesitons and he kept saying no no no and so then after all of it I was ending saying well, this is what we wanted to share, in the name of..  and he cut me off!  Then he started to say that he feels really good and that is why he pays attention so much and he likes the Book of Mormon and that he has always been searching and so then he said and pointed to his chest, I feel really good in my chest.  Like a little burning and in my head.. BAM.  So I then pulled out the scripture where the Lord is talking to Oliver Cowdrey and he says that if it is right he will make it so you have a burning in your chest.  He read that and was about speechless and just said wow.  There was an incredible feeling in the room and it was awesome.  

So that lesson that we had was during the week but after that not much happened in the week, so like I said I was discouraged BUT.  Sunday came.  In sacrament meeting we got pulled out saying that someone wanted to talk to us.  We go out and there was a guy standing there who said that he was going to church in another place but moved and he said that he wanted to listen to the lessons to be able to be baptized.  my mouth just kind of dropped open and I knew in that moment that the Lord really does pick us up when we are down and that he really knows what he is doing.  

Then later that Sunday night we had a family night that we are going to start to do with as many people possible every sunday.  We had about 16 people there and 1 that was listening to anything about the church for the first time.  We watched a video about the apostasy and Wilford Woodruff and then afterwards we bore our testimonies about the restoration, the church and all that and it was wonderful.  The guy after had a lot of questions and said that he wants to learn more and wants us to visit him!  AND HE SAID THAT HE HAS SUNDAYS OFF SO THAT IS A MIRACLE.  

The Lord really is listening and knows what he is doing, we just have to be patient. I love you all family.  Have a great week!

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