Lima Peru Temple

Lima Peru Temple
Lima Peru Temple

Friday, September 25, 2015

Monday, September 21, 2015

So this week was good.  One cool story...  To start off.  There is a lady that works in our sector but doesn't live there.  She lives about 2 hours outside of the mission.  Anyway, we have taught her and she liked the message but she always said that the church was not where she lives in jicamarca.  And she said that there are not missionaries.  Anyways, this lady had a big problem that happened where someone went to take a car to their lot (they rent out a little lot they have so people can put their cars in there) and someone brought a car that was robbed but the owners, our investigator, didn't know that.  So they stored it but the police came and took her husband to jail.  So we talked to her and were trying to help her and she said that she really felt our spirit and she wants to learn more and she took the Book of Mormon to her husband and he is reading it.  Ok, so we had an intercambio and I was kind of questioning it because we had already had an intercambio and there wasn't really a reason for it.  So just about the whole entire day nothing happened.  I was still questioning the reason why I was in the other sector.  But then in the very last hour of the day this mother and her daughter stopped us and said that they were members in JICAMARCA.  My mouth completely dropped.  I could not believe it.  So from them I was able to get the direction of the church over there and the number of the missionaries and now they are going to go and visit her.  So The Lord answered my question that night about WHY I was in the sector Las Flores all day long for "no reason at all".  Haha I immediately just thought.  Sorry.  Shouldn't doubt.  So my testimony grew this week that the Lord puts us in the place we need to be and the time we need to be there.  

That was one story this week.  Another story is from the intercambio also.  When my comp and the other Elder were going to the sector I was in to change again they got in a little mototaxi and the guy in the mototaxi started talking to them and he got interested in the message and said he wants us to go to his house to visit him.  Anyways, turns out his mom, was a lady we already knew!  One of our investigators and this guy is married and has 4 kids!  Seriously it was such a miracle.  I dont think I will ever doubt ever again the reason for an intercambio.  

One more exciting thing is that Samantha, our recent convert, had an interview with the bishop on Thursday.  She had the interview and we are going to the temple with her on Thursday.  Honestly it is such a good feeling when a convert goes to the temple and you can see their progress.  They always tell us here in the mission that we should start with the end in mind.  Or that we should imagine our investigators in the temple.  We imagine them in the white clothes of baptism and in the white clothes of the temple.  I also like to throw one more thing in there....  The white clothes in heaven.  It is nice knowing that the people I am teaching can grow to have a testimony and serve in the temple for the rest of their lives to be able to become perfeccionados.  Don't know how you say that in English so look it up on google translate haha.  

Also, I might have a change.  We have changes tomorrow and they are going to tell us tonight if we have changes or not so I will find out later if I will continue in Zarate or no.  but just like I learned this week -  A donde me mandes, ire.  (Translated by Mr. Google:  Where you send me, I will go.)  

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