Lima Peru Temple

Lima Peru Temple
Lima Peru Temple

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hola familia!!   This week was AWESOME!  I got changed to la zona condevilla ward -Jorge Chavez.  Elder Clark is my new companion and we are the zone leaders, he is from Alpine Utah and is awesome.  Except for the fact that he went to Lone Peak but it is ok I already expressed my feelings to him about Lone Peak.  But seriously he is awesome. He was going to go to Ukraine on his mission but while he was in the ccm he got changed to Perú because of the war over there.  He has 1 change more than I do.  It is a little different having a white companion.  We just understand each other and talk about cafe rio a lot haha.  So my sector is half Callao and half San Martin.  The people here are so much more receptive.  The whole week we were just running around like crazy just talking to everybody and being super energetic and making people laugh then teaching them repentance and inviting them to baptism.  I love this place.

This past week we had a bunch of people that we contacted that were really interested in listening to our message.  We found one guy in the street and sometimes to make people laugh we ask them really dumb questions but there was one guy drinking a peach juice called pulp.  And we asked him if he liked it then if he liked inca kola or pulp more and he said inca kola so then it was hilarious because the next question was sooo why did you buy pulp instead of inca kola?  it was seriously hilarious and we had him laughing and then we told him we were missionaries, got an appointment went to his house and he accepted baptism so this month we are hoping he gets baptized.   

We teach good together, me and my companion.  Like we have really just been asking people a lot of questions this week that make them think and then they basically teach themselves.  It is really cool.  It is like what Christ did to the people, he asked them questions that made them think and then after thinking and answering Christ taught more.  So that is what we have been trying to do this week.  

This week has been seriously awesome.  It was a little disappointing at the end because we didnt have very good attendance at church.  Not as many people went as we would have liked but it was still good and even though we were sad we were happy because we had done all we could have done in the week so we were happy because we worked hard. 

Now we just have more meetings with the President and the stake president to coordinate the missionary work and then after those meetings we teach the zone what the mission president wants us to teach the zone.  So it is fun.  My room also is awesome.  In my other room in Santa Cruz it was liike an oven in there.  But this room it is cooler so I can finally sleep now.  

Those are the stories and updates from this week.  The work is awesome and I love it.  

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