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Lima Peru Temple
Lima Peru Temple

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015

I have very exciting news!!  We have a baptism this Thursday!!  Her name is _____ and she is 15 years old.  She is the cousin of Alexis that we just baptized.  We went and talked to her the other day and she is going to be baptized.  The only reason she hasn't is for her fear of water.  but At Alexis`s baptism she saw that it was quick and fast.  And so she will be baptized Thursday.  And mom, I am going to play the baptism song on the piano for the baptism.  The I like to look for rainbows one.  

This week was pretty much the same as the other weeks.  This week we have been contacting  A LOT.  We have been knocking on doors and going to the parks that we have in our sector.  Out of all of those people we found about one girl that was interested.  We told her that Jesus Christ visited America and she wants to hear more.  The only problem is that she works every single day.  She was really interested and wants us to come back so hopefully it all works out.

We had stake conference this past week so our investigators couldn't come because it was at a different time and in a church farther away.  So that was a bummer.  

Other than that it was a pretty normal week.  We are starting a new thing as missionaries.  We are going to every single members house and sharing about, la invitacion dispuesta y breve.  Put that into google translate or call Blake if you want.  This is just where the member selects a gospel principle they like.  Then they go to another person they know and say how this principle has helped them.  Then they invite the people to listen to us.  We are going around and teaching all the members in our ward about this so hopefully they all get excited and help us out!

Good Luck this week and I hope you all have a great time!  Work hard in all that you do and talk to you next week!!  Love you all!!!

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