Lima Peru Temple

Lima Peru Temple
Lima Peru Temple

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Monday, November 9, 2015

So I totally jinxed myself.  Last week I said that I didn't want to get sent to a rich area here in the mission.  Well, me tocó.  I got sent to Santa Cruz.  Miraflores.  Which just happens to be like the richest and biggest sector in all the mission.  The video that we me and my friends made before the mission with all of our mission calls where it has the ocean in it and the coast - that is my sector.  Also if you want, you can put Larcomar which is a touristy spot in my sector.  

So anyway, I am here in Santa Cruz. The work is super different.  The people here are so cold.  For like the first time I am getting doors shut in my face.  Not just shut like people yelling.  We say buenos dias and buenas tardes to people and they don't even respond.  In the really rich areas apparently we can get tickets for talking to people and contacting them.  It is so different from my other sectors.  I must say that as far as that goes, I like my other sectors better where it was poor and dangerous.  Mom, don't worry about me getting robbed or anything.  With that being said, there are not a whole lot of people that we have right now to teach.  But this week we were able to find 5 new investigators.  So I guess the work will be steady and slow but we just have to work.   Haha we are in the richest sector but our room is not very nice.  Probably the worst one I have had haha.  Not complaining but it is just funny.  With the mixture of fungus and other bugs, won't be surprised if I get sick but oh well, the Lord protects his missionaries.  Another downside of this sector is that everything is wayyyyyyy more expensive.  Like super expensive so money will be a little tight.

My companion is awesome.  Seriously he is such an example for me.  He has 3 months in the mission and just barely finished his training.  His name is Elder Guevara.  He is from Bolivia Santa Cruz and has about 18 months being a member. He is the only member in his family.  What absolutely blows my mind is that in May of 2014 he was baptized.  One month before I left for the mission.  He has so little time but knows so much and loves the church and the Lord.  Seriously he is awesome.

As for the work this week in the sector it was a little slow.  It is a lot different from my other sectors.  The sector is gigantic and there are a lot of people that are here just for vacation.  It is tougher to contact because there aren't really a lot of houses.  More buildings and to enter in the building you have to know somebody so it is tough.  But this week we were able to have some success so it was good and next week will be even better!

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