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Lima Peru Temple
Lima Peru Temple

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Monday, February 29, 2016

Hello my family!  This week was stressful.  But it was good!  Everyone always said that January and February are the worst months of summer and last year it was true but wow, it is so hot.  I feel like I complain about the weather a lot.  But it is hot and it is not getting colder.  But oh well, what can ya do?  

One thing that is good that happened yesterday is that it was the last day of carnavales here.  Carnavales is every Sunday of February.  Here it apparently has gotten smaller and smaller over the years but it is basically where people just have water fights and paint fights.  Yesterday, the last Sunday of the month, is the biggest one so there was just a bunch of parties and everything but now it is over so that is good.  We don't have to worry about people getting us wet.  One day this week there was a guy in the street and he started chasing us with a giant bucket of water and water balloons.  We had to run so he didn't get us wet.  Even though it probably would have felt good haha.

This past week hermana _____ came to church again!  We were really nervous that she wasn't going to go because she said that she had to do a couple of things on Sunday so we were going to her house on Sunday morning to remind her about church and we found her in the street already wakling to church with her son!  So that was awesome and such a relief.  It was great.  She is doing good.  We also had the first lesson with her husband.  He is a little doubtful.  He isn't very religious but we really want to focus in on him so that they can be an eternal family.  The only problem is that he works and basically is only in his house on Saturday.  He is pretty much always in his job.  But if we can get him to come to church and progress we know that the whole family will be able to progress even better.  

We had a lesson that was SO COOL this week.  Some recent converts called us and told us that their daughter wanted to listen to us so we went over and talked to her.  We had met her in the past but she was doubtful because she has been in another religion and her husband and family are all part of the other religion.  But we were teaching her about the restoration and she basically said how can she know that everything is true if it is not written in the Bible?  And then we just got into the prayer and the Book of Mormon and the spirit was testifying so strong and she accepted baptism!  So this week we will see how that goes with her.  Hopefully she can complete all the commitments we gave to her so she can receive her answer.

One more cool thing that happened was that the Hermanas in our ward had two baptisms.  One of them was an investigator that we taught the first lesson to.  We taught him and he accepted baptism but he didn't live in our sector so we passed him to the hermanas and he got baptized this past saturday!  So that was exciting, he is sweet and he says that he wants to go on a mission.

That is all the news from this week.  I am doing well.  I hope that you all have a great week!!  Have fun, be safe, choose the right.


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