Lima Peru Temple

Lima Peru Temple
Lima Peru Temple

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Monday, March 21, 2016

Hola familia!!!  This week was A LOT better.  The past couple weeks were super duper tough with investigators being sick and not being able to find new people and people not going to church but we have been praying to God to help us get new people to teach.  

During the week we still hadn't had that much success but we had an interchange and we helped out those Elders for a day.  Then when we were back in our sectors we just decided it was time to buckle down.  And we did, we had a super good day!!  It was awesome.  One of the most successful days of my whole entire mission in finding people to teach.  But one thing that I can say from that whole day is that God works in mysterious ways.  We had contacted a lady in the street a day before and then we went to find her and the people that were in the house said that she doesn't live there but told us to go try another door because they thought she lived there.  We knocked on the other door and the lady did not want to see us but told us to knock on another door and we did.  And in that house there was a FAMILY!!  They let us in and the whole family came and listened and we watched the aleluya video with them for the pascua.  It was so awesome!!  After that they asked a bunch of questions and we answered their questions.  We have another appointment for this week so we are super excited for the appointment this week.  It is interesting how God works.  We were rejected at two different houses but we were led to that family.  There are not coincidences.  God plans everything.  It is so wonderful.

Also another testimony that he works in mysterious ways is that we received a reference this week from the church and went to find him but he lives in Spain but put his address down because he is going to come here in a couple weeks.  We found the grandkids there and taught them and took out another appointment with them.  We were going to that appointment but we knocked on the door and they weren't there but the mom came out and she started asking and she said that her Dad used to talk all the time with missionaries but she never had but she was super interested.  So she let us go in and we talked for a little bit.  Shared a principle and took out another appointment but she was super excited to learn more about the gospel and we have an appointment for this week also so hopefully all of that goes well.  

But the lesson that I have learned this week is that God sees that it is necessary to test his people sometimes.  We have trials in our lives but we are not to get down on them.  We need to learn from them, get better, have patience and move on.  We have learned a lot about that in these last couple of weeks. Elder Robbins from the presidency of the seventy told us that a successful missionary is one who goes from failure to failure without getting down.  So we all just need to do that throughout our whole lives.  I know that God loves me and loves each and every one of you.  
I love you all and hope you all have a great week!!  

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