Lima Peru Temple

Lima Peru Temple
Lima Peru Temple

Friday, December 5, 2014

Monday, December 1, 2014

This week was good.  But I am afraid, it was my last in Bello Horizonte.  We have cambios tomorrow and I basically already know I am getting changed.  To Callao I think.  It is always good to have changes because it is where the Lord wants us to be but it is sad because you grow to love the people in your area.  

Thanksgiving was awesome!  I didn't even remember it was Thanksgiving until partway through the day and I was like oh wow.  it is Thanksgiving.  Because literally nothing happened here for it.  People would ask me why we have it and I am just like, the indians and the pilgrims and ya.  And then they are like and what do you do for it?  And then I just say, we eat... A LOT.  Haha it is funny.  

___ didn't get baptized.  All of our appointments with him fell through this week.  He wants to get baptized and all but we don't really know what happened.  We are going to meet with him today to see what's up.  Hopefully all is well.  

But, two cool things this week.  We found this kid and he accepted everything.  And then we found his family after and they are all super cool!  Seriously I am sad that I have to go because from the first moment they were so friendly and wanted us to come and wanted to eat lunch with us and everything haha.  It is super cool and they are an awesome family.  Another experience that we had was we were at a house where they are all recent converts.  Everyone except for the dad.  I have heard that the dad is kind of hard hearted and mean.  We went in and he was sitting there and I was kind of just like uh oh.  This should be interesting.  But we started teaching and you could literally see him changing right in front of you.  He just started thinking and nodding his head and everything.  And I asked him what was stopping him from being united with his family in the church and he was just like I know it will happen soon.  One day my inside will just tell me that I have to do it.  I know that I am going to and I know that i am going to do it sooner than I thought.  And wow, the spirit was super strong that whole entire time.  It is literally like someone lights a fire inside of your chest.  It is awesome. 

And speaking of fire.  It is sad, this house got burned.  They are less actives I think.  It is not in my sector but it is in the ward.  We went over to help and it is one small room and everything burned and now they don't have anything.  The houses are all bricks and cement so the house didn't burn just everything inside of it.  We asked for help from the ward members but we didn't really receive any.  so hopefully the family is all right.   Anyways that is about it for this week.  

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