Lima Peru Temple

Lima Peru Temple
Lima Peru Temple

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015

Hola familia,  This week was a great one!  And it ended with the baptism of Alexis!  It was great!  He was a Cornelio, or,  someone who just accepts everything and doesn't really have any problems and they get baptized.  His baptism was on Saturday.  It was kind of irreverent during the talks and everything on baptism but when I took the first step into the water, it was like the spirit just punched me.  It was so strong and I knew that everything we were doing was right.  And that Alexis is a child of our Heavenly Father.  The spirit was really strong.  Afterward, he is really shy, but he went to bear his testimony and got shy and I had to go up and help him.  But it was such a good experience.  Oh, and the water in the baptismal font was green.  You could see to the bottom but it was green. 
Also, we found this couple that is like 28 and 25 years old and have a little girl that is 3.  We have always talked with them but this was the first time we entered into their house.  The thing I remember most from the lesson was the word WOW.  They kept saying WOW the whole time, with every single thing we read.  It was such a powerful lesson, we just talked about the family, just that and it was powerful and they loved it.  We really think that they are going to progress.  It all depends on the Dad in the family, but, he read the Book of Mormon and he said that he thinks that Joseph smith did a good thing and he likes everything he has seen.  So this week we are going to work really hard with them.  

Another thing, Elder Carlos A. Godoy came and talked to us this week.  To our whole mission.  From the seventy.  He is in the area presidency in Perú.  And he is from Brasil.  His wife and he came and talked to us and it was powerful.  Seriously when he walked in the room you could feel it.  It is incredible how close these men are to the spirit.   He talked to us about why we are here in the mission and what our purpose is and the importance of what we are doing.  He spoke in Spanish and his wife spoke in Portuñol haha.  

Love you all.

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