Lima Peru Temple

Lima Peru Temple
Lima Peru Temple

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Monday, June 1, 2015

Hello family!!  this was a very tiring week!  We put in so much work this week and it was tiring!

As I told you all, our sector is really really big.  So we are trying to become familiar with it all and to find people in all the parts of our area.  One good thing that happened from this week was that we found a family of 5.  It was so cool.  We were trying to contact old investigators that were in the area book and we found the name of this guy and we went to his house and he answered and said ahhh right now I am about to leave.  The normal excuse.  We said just 2 minutes hermano.  And he said ya ok, come in.  So we went in and we started to talk and then we were able to stay longer than two minutes haha.  It was great.  We taught the lesson one and the whole family was there listening.  Then the daughter who is 18, who I thought was going to be less receptive than all of them, was the one at the end who said I will read the book!  Speaking of when we introduced the Book of Mormon.  So that was cool and we will see how everything goes this week with them!

Other good things that happened was with one investigator named ____.  She is awesome.  Her whole family is recent converts and she is the only one that hasn't been baptized.   She came to church for the first time this past week and apparently in the past she hasn't read the Book of Mormon at all but then we gave her the assignment on Saturday and on Sunday she told me that she had read it and it was so awesome!  She said that she liked church a lot so it was so cool!  We were talking and she said that she doesn't really feel anything when she prays.  She prays and doesn't feel a single thing.  And after she said that I asked her if she was reading and she responded no.  She had read the Book of Mormon a long time ago when the first missionaries read the introduction with her.  So then we opened up the introduction and read the last two parragraphs and I told her that to be able to feel something in her prayer first she had to read it.  That if she didn't try it how was she going to know if it was true or not?  It is like a cake, or any food.  To know if it tastes good, we only have to try a little bit.  We just need to take a bite, we don't have to eat the whole entire thing.  It was cool after that because the spirit was in the room and you could tell that she felt it and it looks like it worked because she read the other day!

We also had another guy and we had to teach him in English (it was hard).  He is Peruvian but works as a translator and likes it when we speak English to him.  But anyway, same problem, he is praying and says that he wants to receive his answer but he doesn't feel anything.  Then the same thing, I asked him if he was reading.  And he also, said no.  So we explained the same thing.  That if he wants to know, he has to read.  It was a good lesson also and he also went to church.  We had so many investigators in church on Sunday and some of them that we thought were going to go didn't go so next week we could have even more.  

Those are basically the highlights from this week.   This week also, I feel like my prayers have gotten so much longer.  It is awesome.  I can say that we are actually talking with God while we pray.  Knowing that someone is listening is such a good feeling.  If we need ANYTHING we can talk to him about it.  

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