Lima Peru Temple

Lima Peru Temple
Lima Peru Temple

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Monday, December 28, 2015

Hello family!!  I hope that all is still going well.  It was great to talk to you even though the connection was pretty bad almost the whole time.  

So this week teaching wise was a little bit tougher because of Christmas because people went shopping others were traveling so it was a bummer ,,, BUT, It ended on a high note.  So when we talked I told you we had a lesson with a guy from Ukraine and his wife from Perú.  We went later that night and it was awesome.  They are really excited to learn more.  In the first lesson we watched the Restoration in Russian so our investigator could understand it better.  With Spanish subtitles.  They liked the video and to end the lesson he prayed in Russian.  When he finished I said I did not understand a thing you said but it was perfect!  

They went to church yesterday for the second time and we had a lesson with them again in the night.  In the lesson we explained the Restoration a little bit more so they could understand it.  His wife started talking at the end that she had been searching for a church for a while and asked God for a church.  But it couldn't be any church because her husband doesn't speak Spanish.  So when they found our church and the missionaries speak English and some members she said it was like an answer from God that they should go there.  We invited them to baptism and they accepted!  So hopefully they keep on being so excited and can be baptized on the 16.  They are seriously so cool and after they gave us food from Ukraine and it was good.  And I know how to say delicious in Russian now.

One funny story. On Christmas we were on my ward mission leaders balcony watching the fireworks and his two year old son shut the door.  It was a sliding glass door.  And then my ward mission leaders wife called us all back inside and my companion didn't notice that the door had been shut.  So he turned around and started to walk the other way BUT....  there was a glass door in the way and BAM.  Nailed it.  I fell on the floor laughing because it was hilarious.  Seriously so funny.  

That is the news from this week family.  I love you all and hope you have a great week and a happy new year!  I love you all!

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