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Lima Peru Temple
Lima Peru Temple

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Monday, November 30, 2015

Sounds like you had a good thanksgiving!  We had a good thanksgiving!  We went to a restaurante with our ward mission leader.  Pollo a la brasa.  It was great.  He payed and everything so even better!!  haha but it was a good day.

So this week our goal was to contact everything that moved.  And we did it.  We had a TON and I mean a ton of contacts.  The bummer is that not a lot of them live in our sector because if people are here they are working or on vacation but we did find a few people.  But the cool story from all the contacting was someone that the hermanas from our ward contacted.  His name is Felipe.  He has had some big problems in the past with the word of wisdom.  He was good for a couple weeks but he was going to fall again.  He had already made the decision.  When he was about to buy some stuff the hermanas contacted him and gave him a card with a picture of Jesucristo.  After the hermanas left he stood there for 30 minutes looking at what he could do and looking and the picture of The Savior. He decided that he was going to walk away and change his life.  The next day he called the hermanas and committed himself to come to church.  On Sunday he went.  For all 3 hours.  And we had a lesson with him because it turns out he lives in our sector.  He is awesome!  I have never in my whole mission seen someone who wants to change so much.  We have lessons with him just about every day this week and he is probably going to go to the temple with us to be outside on Wednesday.  Seriously it was such a miracle that they were able to find him this week.

Also, another cool thing that happened is that we went to the temple and in the session that we were in el obispo Waddell was there with his wife.  It was a cool experience to be in a session with a general authority.   That was about it for this week  I hope you all had a great thanksgiving and know that I am thankful for you!!


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