Lima Peru Temple

Lima Peru Temple
Lima Peru Temple

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Monday, April 18, 2016

So this week was wild!  We were running around a lot because Elder Clark had trainings and interviews and went to the temple so we weren't in our sector a whole lot but I was in a lot of interchanges.  ____ still isn't sure about getting baptized so that was a bummer but we are going to keep visiting her so hopefully pretty soon here she can get baptized.  It is weird taking out appointments with people because now I know that Elder Clark wont be there and that it will just be me.  

Wow, so in our new room I have to get used to cold water.  It comes out like a waterfall but it is freezing, we are hoping that we can get hot water soon here.  It is nice though, good room.  To answer your questions mom, no I don't have a new bag or scriptures.  Scriptures I won't be able to get because I can't go to the temple but I have a triple, the only thing I am missing is an old testament so I can wait until I get home.  The bag I am trying to coordinate with the offices to try and get a new bag so hopefully soon.  Camera, Elder Clark is going to give me his camera so I will use it for 6 weeks and then give it back when I get home.  

We were the zone of excellence in March so this morning we had a breakfast and played games with President and Hermana Larson.  It was such a good breakfast.  It was definitely a lot better than what I normally eat.  PANCAKES and french toast.  Pancakes are so good.  Hopefully the zone can keep up the good work.  

So I don't have all the time in the world today because Elder Clark is going around saying bye to converts but I will be able to write more next week.  I love you family and hope you have a good week!

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