Lima Peru Temple

Lima Peru Temple
Lima Peru Temple

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Monday, April 25, 2016

Hello family!!  I am here in Jorge Chavez still and my new companion is Elder Pearce.  He is from Herriman Utah.  It is crazy that this is my last companion!  I seriously can't believe it.  It is weird to think that I have such little time left.  But it doesn't really feel like it.  It has not sunk in.

So I will start off with a funny story.  We are in our new room and we haven't had water for these past couple of weeks.  So three days ago we got a therma put in and the next day my companion was showering and POP.  All the lights in our whole house shut off.  So they get back on later in the day.  I was showering this morning and POP.  All the lights in the house shut off again.  So basically now we have hot water but we have to shower with all the lights off and everything unplugged from now on.  But I am so glad to have hot water now.   It was soooo cold but now it is all better.  

This week it was good.  It is always a lot different having to show your companion around but normally everyone gets to know the sector pretty fast.  But We did have a really cool  moment this past week.  We decided to knock on doors in a part we normally don't try.  Normally while knocking on doors we get a couple people that want to listen  but this time we knocked on about every single door and almost every single person accepted another visit.  It was awesome.  So this week should be a very good week because we have citas with all of those people so hopefully they are home and still willing to listen.  

Last night we had a very cool activity.  The whole mission and all the stakes were invited to the institute building for a family history activity.  There was  A LOT of people.  Missionaries, converts, investigators, and members were all invited!  It was so great to see.  They are making a very big push on family history because they are going to construct the new temple.  They are going to construct the new temple in Los Olivos!!  That is about 15 minutes from my sector right now and is so much closer than the current temple.  It is outside of our misison but just by a little.  That will be cool to go back and visit some day.  

We had a really good lesson with some people this week.  One of them was with one guy that we found and started talking to and he had some knowledge about the gospel.  We started explaining things a little more in depth and he understood and was excited and is going to pray about it.  Hopefully he actually does it because he was a really cool guy.

Also we had a lesson with a new person.  He contacted us when we walked past his house.  He is in a wheelchair and started talking to us but didn't want to accept an appointment.  We asked why and he said that it is because he goes to another church.  We saw him yesterday in the street wheeling his wheel chair and I went up and asked if he wanted me to push him to his house.  So I was pushing and we asked him how his church meeting went and he told us what he learned and we told him what we learned and by the time we got to his house he was very grateful and accepted a visit from us.  So today we are going to have that with him so hopefully his heart will be opened.  


I hope you all have a wonderful week!  

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