Lima Peru Temple

Lima Peru Temple
Lima Peru Temple

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Monday, September 16, 2014

This past week there were definitely a lot of ups and downs.  If there is one thing that I have learned is that the mission is not easy.  There are soooo many more downs than there are ups.  BUT, it is the ups that make everything worth it.  Seriously if one investigator keeps a committment or comes to church, we are seriously so happy.  It is incredible how much joy we can have from one righteous act.  The church is so true.  Anyway, the kid who I told you about last week is progressing so good.  His baptismal date is the 27th.  Here, they have to come to church three times before they can be baptized.  He has been twice and last night he basically asked us why he has to wait so long before he can be baptized.  He is awesome and is progressing so well and it is so cool to see him grow.  The other girl told us that the Book of Mormon is true.  But, one thing is that every time we go to her house she has a new scripture from the Bible from her family to show us so we are working through that.  She hasn't been able to come to church the past two weeks because she has had stuff but she told us all other Sundays she should be good to go. 

This past week we had to go to migrations to get our visas.  The first morning, Thursday we had a members friend take us in a taxi and it was 15 soles.  Fine.  Then we got there and when we were waiting in line, members of my district from the CCM were talking to this guy and struggling bad.  So I went over and helped and the guy told me, thank you, you can understand me, they don't understand.  It was funny but it made me feel good with my Spanish.  My Spanish is definitely a lot better, I have made a big jump this past week.  The gift of tongues is real.  It is definitely a gift of the Spirit and it is cool because we can all have gifts of the spirit.  We need to pray and ask our Father in Heaven.  He wants to bless us and all we need to do is ask.  In the Bible and Book of Mormon it says multiple times something like if your father knows how to give you gifts than how much more does your Father in Heaven know how to give you good gifts!  Anyway, back to migrations.  We talk to that guy and he lives in the north mission.  Bummer.  But I passed along the reference.  Hopefully Koji can teach him or something.  Afterward, me and another gringo, Elder Sok, who has bleach blonde hair, were trying to find a taxi.  The people were saying 40, 45, and 50 soles because we are gringo.  We finally got one for 28 so we took it because we didn't know how many other options we had.  Anyway, in the morning our companions came with us this time to find a taxi.  They literally made us hide around the corner until they found the taxi because if the driver saw me and Elder Sok they would charge more, so we hid, they got the taxi, and then we came and got in.  It was funny.

This weekend we had stake conference.  It was good, good experience.  Good spirit there, but it was really hot in the meeting and we were tired so we had to be sure not to fall asleep so we could be examples haha.  Also, it was my companions birthday that day so a couple days before I bought some stuff for my companion without him knowing and when he was in the shower Sunday morning I put it on his bed and bam Happy Birthday!!  Anyways, the week of general conference, we do not get to watch it.  We get it a week late.  That weekend in Perú there are elections.  Basically nothing is allowed because they want people to vote.  So the Saturday we have to stay in our room all day pretty much and just study.  It will be so boring but good to have that much time to study.  I feel like I never have enough time to study.  So that is a bummer that we get conference a week after the real thing, but oh well.  Better late than never I guess. 

That is all I have for this week!!  I love you family.  I don't have a lot of time to write everyone else.  But Mom, Dad, Blake, Kristina, I love you so much!!!!  And all other family too.  Keep working hard in everything you do and rely on the Lord.  Remember to say your prayers and read your scriptures.  I love you.

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