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Lima Peru Temple
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Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Ok wow, this week I am really a marathoner.  We have no time at all.  We went to the beach again today and went on the longest bike ride of my life.  With lots of hills and all that stuff.  I was tired, I thought I was in pretty good shape and all but.... Nope, guess not.  Oh well.  And bad news, no pictures, my camera broke.  I was giving it to someone to take a picture of me and it dropped in the exchange, I will take the blame for it, I tried to revive it, everything, but... it has moved on to the Spirit world.  

Good news, we got to work like normal on the Saturday and Sunday, we didn't have to stay in our rooms.  But, a lot of the people were gone voting all day.  The people don't just go to the closest place to vote, they have specific places where they have to go to vote so some people were gone all day long so that was a bummer.  I am glad the elections are over.  I was getting sick of all the signs and everything everywhere.   But, whatever.  I don't need to worry about that stuff because I am a missionary!!!!  And how awesome is that!!!  

This part will freak you out mom.  Well not freak you out but you won't like it.  Wednesday night I went to bed and my stomach hurt a little so I was like ehhh whatever.  At 230 in the morning I woke up with incredible pain.  Then I went back to bed and for 3 and a half hours I was in my bed rolling around in pain.  I don't know what it was.  And I threw up one time and ya, no fun.   My companion called the secretary the next day and I had to drink 1 liter of this nasty medicine stuff in one day, and it was so gross.  It was tough to get down.  But the next day I was better.  

On P-days we wake up and have study like normal in the morning until 10.  Normally we have activities planned as a zone.  Like the bikes today, last week we went to a park with fountains and the week before we went to a zoo, so we do fun stuff.  Ya,  I know, I am behind on pictures.  Anyways, that is why I need a new camera so I can send them.  So we have activities until 6.  At 6, we go back to work until dinner time then it is back to the room.  So from 10 in the morning until 6 at night we have p day.  Oh, and a lady in the ward does our laundry.  We pay her 35 soles a month and she does it.  The only thing is, we always run low on clothes because it is humid here, so things take forever to dry and it is not hot yet.  But ya, that is our clothes.

I am so bummed that I missed conference.  The rule was that if we had an investigator we could watch it at a members house.  Anyway, a family called us and said oh, we have an investigator for you!  It was their dad so we were like oh, ok sweet!  So we go to their house and start watching conference on Sunday morning.  We are watching and we saw the first two talks and then he left.  I think to go vote.  So, ya, we had to leave.  So that was a bummer.    But that is cool that people can give a talk in their own language.  What do they do for the people in the conference center??  We get to watch conference this weekend and I get to watch it in English!!  That will be sweet!  

This past week, nothing extremely special happened.  We had intercambios with the zone leaders because Elder Apaza is the district leader and so that was interesting.  I went to the zone of the zone leaders and we worked and we seriously knocked on so many doors that day and literally not one person answered.  They have a pensionista and that fell through and the consejo de barrio fell through - don't remember how to say that in English but ya.  So everything fell through that day.  But it was a good day.  There was a guy with us doing visits and he got back from his mission the week before so people would yell hi elderes and he would wave then go, ahhh I am not a missionary anymore, it was funny.

One thing, everyone who reads this, family, friends, EVERYONE.  Get a testimony of El Libro de Mormón!!  And if you have one, strengthen it!  it is everything.  Our whole religion, if it is true, our religion is true.  Joseph Smith restored the church, Thomas S. Monson is a prophet hoy en día that receives revelation for everyone and guides us.  It is crucial.  Get a testimony of the Book of Mormon and don't let go of it.  

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