Lima Peru Temple

Lima Peru Temple
Lima Peru Temple

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Monday, March 30, 2015

This week here in Lima/Callao was a good week!  It is always a good week when it ends in a baptism!  We had the baptismal interview and ____ passed it so that was good.  But I was just hoping that his pain wasn't going to come back before the baptism.  He told us a cool story this week.  He said that the day he went into the church he had been walking around Callao all the morning long looking for a church.  God Guided him this day.  He said that every single church he went to was locked.  One of them even said welcome!  Push the door and come in and he pushed and it was locked.  He was approaching another church and the doors started to shut and he got up to it and the doors were locked and he couldn't enter.  He went to all of this until he finally went to our church.  He made it to the church and my companion and I were there to greet him.  He said that he felt something special from the first time he entered.  So that was seriously a miracle.  His baptismal day came and we went to his house to pick him up.  He started to tell us a story that was strange.  His Dad had normally been really nice and loving but the day of his baptism he was saying things like it doesn't matter if his head hurts he needs to go to work and he just started getting mad at ____.  So this isn't all but it was crazy.  Whenever we are going to do something good, there are always challenges that come.  It is hard sometimes but we just need to endure to the end.  ____ even recognized that this was a challenge trying to get him to fall.  But anyways, the baptism came and we had the assistants there and hermana and presidente Borg.  They went to the baptism and it was so awesome.  There was so many people there and the spirit was so strong.    

Another thing we did this week is that we had multizonas.  This is a training that we have with the president and the assistants.  It was crazy good.  We started out the morning listening to the president and after we had a visitor come and he talked to us about the Atonement.  And this visitor just happened to be an ex comp of President Borg in his mission. And now he is a missionary here in Perú and a secretary for the area presidency.  He knew so much about the Atonement.  We were reading all these verses and I understood so much more about the Atonement.  The whole entire time we were just flipping back and forth between Matthew, Mark,  Luke and John.  It was like a scripture chase in seminary all over again.  And this day we also received new cards to pass out to the people.  They are about the new video that the church did for Easter.  It is so good.  It is awesome because in our church we know that Christ lives.  That He resurrected and that His mission didn't stop at His death.  He can help us today and He is still doing miracles.  If you all haven't seen the new video that the church did, you should all go see it.  Gracias a que el vive.  I highly recommend it.  

That is pretty much what I have for this week.  Not a whole lot other than that happened this week. I hope that you all have a wonderful week and that you all learn something new in conference.  It is such a blessing to have a prophet here in the world.  He guides us and actually talks with God.  Love you all.  

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