Lima Peru Temple

Lima Peru Temple
Lima Peru Temple

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Monday, March 9, 2015

The mission is so awesome and this week was such a great week!  We just had so many good experiences.  First of all, the investigator that I told you all about the last week came to church again this week.  He said he felt good again.  Also, the pain that he had for months, he said that after the blessing, about 60 percent of the pain that he had went away.  The priesthood power is real.  Next, in a lesson this week we invited him to be baptized for the 28 de March.  He was about to accept but then his mom came in and he is somewhat, ( I am saying this in the nicest way possible ) of a mommas boy.  He is 40 and lives with his mom and she was like ehhh, when your health is better.  It is really soon.  And he said ya, that is better.  ahhhh so close.  But then in church he told us that if he receives his answer then he will get baptized.  So that was awesome.  We are going to help him receive his answer so he can be baptized.  

Second of all, we are working with new less actives.  They are family of the patriarch and bishop in our ward.  We went over there and at first they were really hard.  They didn't really look at us and they didn't have much interest.  We had a lesson plan but I ditched it and we started talking about the Book of Mormon.  At the start of the lesson they said they didn't really feel a need to go back to church.  And in the lesson I remember just smiling and feeling so much love for these people.,  At the end of the lesson their hearts completely changed!  They said that they know the church and the Book of Mormon are true.  and that sooner than later they will come back to the church.  That was such a good experience.  

So in total this week we found 5 new people to teach.  And in 4 out of the 5 lessons my companion started the lesson!  We have goals for every week and this was one of the goals for this week.  It was cool because each time he got a little bit better.  He has already learned a bunch and is a better teacher in the short time that he has.  The one thing I told him is that he should smile more.  He smiles with me but in a lesson and with people he is really serious.  So I told him he should smile more.  Maybe less than me, I feel like I smile so much my cheeks start to hurt sometimes haha.  

Also, mini message from this week.  I was reading in Moses and it was really cool.  In the first chapter it starts where God is talking to Moses and the glory of God covered him.  Then afterwards Satan came to tempt him.  And Moses said something cool.  He basically said, (translating) who are you Satan?  Because I am a child of God.  And this part just smacked me.  Because in the life we will all have problems and temptations.  But we can all remember who we are.  WE ARE CHILDREN OF GOD.  After Moses said this, he received strength from the lord and he could defeat the temptations.  So whenever we have a trial we just need to remember who we are.  Children of God.  And we will have the help of the Lord.  

This is what happened this week that was really good.  I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

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