Lima Peru Temple

Lima Peru Temple
Lima Peru Temple

Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday, August 10, 2015

So pretty much this week was just awesome!  It is hard not to have an awesome week when it ends in three baptisms!  Frank was baptized.  The whole week he was so excited and then on Saturday he worked until  late at night.  We honestly were not expecting him to come to church he even told us he wasn't sure if he was going to go.  Then with about a minute left he walked in.  It was seriously so cool!  We were so excited to see him.  He sits down and just goes I am so tired.  But happy to be here.  He said he was only going to stay for an hour so he could go home and sleep but then the classes came and he stayed for all of them.  He is seriously so awesome.  He showed up early to his baptism and was so excited.  Afterward he shared a powerful testimony about prayer and that God really does answer.  Two weeks ago we had a class in church about how we should wake up early and that we should pray early and that the spirit can be there and this past week Frank did that, woke up early prayed and said that he received a clear answer.  Seriously I would hang out with him at home, we get along so well.  I know that I knew him in the pre earth life. I am so happy that I am here in this part of the world and have the opportunity to know him. 

Ok, now for Ana and Jennifer.  So they are sisters 26 and 15.  They are a reference of members and are the sisters that I wrote about last week saying that they lived outside of our sector.  So it turns out that they actually have a house inside of our sector!  It was so cool, when they told us that my companion and I looked at each other and we were like no way!  So we got to have 3 baptims this weekend!  Basically the whole time they just accepted everything!  They were reading praying and going to church and it was seriously perfect.  They were excited to get baptized and they are already saying that they want us to teach their family and their friends and giving us some references.  So we will see if it works out with any of the references they give us.  

Basically now that they are baptized we don't have that many progressing investigators so we are starting from almost 0.  We have to find a lot of people so hopefully this week we will be able to contact people and people that are interested!  

Last Monday we went to Rodizios and it was incredible.  Basically everything here is just rice and chicken.  So to go to Rodizios and just eat a bunch of steak and meat was awesome.  I was full for a couple of days.  

Today it was weird.  We were in the rich part of Lima so a lot of tourists.  Like A LOT.  We got on a bus and I payed the guy and he gave me the money back and said come on in Elders!  So first of all that was just cool.  After that we started talking to people that were getting on the bus and we ended up  helping these tourists from Germany and Italy who spoke English find their way of where they needed to get off.  It was cool.  There are opportunities in every moment to share the gospel.  

That is all I have for this week.  Love you all!  

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