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Lima Peru Temple
Lima Peru Temple

Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday, August 24, 2015

Hola mi hermosa familia, I hope that you all had a wonderful week!  Here in Zarate I had a good week.  We just got to work again and had another great week.  This week we just really focused on inviting people to get baptized.  We did GOOD with that so that was fun.  We had a bunch of people accept but the only problem now is that they need to go to church.  In my mission I have seen that this is a struggle of a lot of people.  hay a lot of people that want to listen and they accept and they like the mensaje but they don't have that big of a desire to just go to church.  The church for my ward is a little bit far.  We have to leave the mission every single week to go to the church so that is a littl exciting.   Anyway that will be our focus this week, getting people to church because that is what we need.  We have people accepting now we just need to get them going.  Faith needs works too.  

Ok, so we have been teaching a less active family ever since I got here.  They have been less active for a while because they had some problems with certain members in the church and for this reason they don't want to go so this whole time we have been trying to help them get over the awkwardness of seeing these people and up to Sunday it had been to no success because they haven't really wanted to go.  THEY CAME.  it was serioulsy a miracle.  Mom, like you said that you were turned around every 15 seconds looking to see if they were going to walk in, that is the life of a missionary.  My neck always hurts after the meeting because I turn around so much to see if a family is going to walk in.  Right now the family is contemplating a baptismal date for their son that is 10.  He wants to, but now we just need the permission of the parents.  So hopefully that happens and hopefully they keep coming back to church.

So also, I have some super exciting news...... WEDNESDAY  Elder Bednar is coming to visit us!!!  We have a meeting with him on Wednesday with our mission, the south mission and the west mission.  And the CCM.  It is going to be huge but I am so excited.  Elder Bednar, Elder Soares and Bishop Stevensen are all coming!  It is going to be so cool!!  An apostol is coming to the mission!  We had a meeting with our president on Friday to prepare us for it.  We are all super excited.  it is going to be a once in a lifetime experience.  Love you Family! 

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