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Lima Peru Temple
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Friday, August 7, 2015

Monday, July 27, 2015

The news from this week is definitely the baptism.  Fran was baptized!  It was really crazy though, first off we had to do it in another building because ours was shut for maintenance but we got there and we were setting everything up and we had it planned with another ward but then a different ward showed up saying that they had the baptism for their daughter planned.  So they made this whole big deal about it because we were in the building and they had their baptism and they reserved it.  So we were saying ok, start your baptism because we had all apparently planned it for 5.  So they weren't starting and weren't starting until it got to 540 and I pulled out the dad of the family and started asking him if they had a program set up and he was like no, we don't and then he said that nobody was there from their ward so they couldn't start it so I asked him if we could do ours and he said yes, so then we got ours done and WOW.  It was wonderful.  The spirit was so strong in the room.  When he was baptized it was incredible.  There was just a warm feeling in the room and he was so happy.  His family was there and they aren't members but they really liked it and said that they felt good.  Everyone always feels good at the baptisms.  So that was an awesome experience.

Next I will tell you all about ____.  He is our investigator that is progressing a ton and he is so cool.  So he is still reading and doing everything and this week.  But on Sunday he started working at like 4 in the morning and he ended at 2.  So another ward starts at 230 so we were going to take him to that.  Normally when people work late night or early morning they prefer sleeping over going to church but we called him to see if he could go and he said yes.  He didn't eat lunch and didn't want to sleep so he could go to church so he can get baptized.  His baptismal date is for the 8th but he is about to start a crazy monday through saturday work schedule and the 8th he won't be able to so we possibly might be moving his date to this Sunday!   He is already ready to be baptized.  We taught him all the lessons in the first week that we knew him.  He is having some problems right now but it motivates him that much more to go and get baptized and do everything in the church.  Teaching him has literally been such an incredible experience.  I will be putting in pictures of the baptism of Fran and a picture of me and ____.  

And another cool thing is that Fran was a reference from a girl who lives in the ward who recently got baptized and that same girl brought two more friends to church the other day who are also interested in learning more.  Everything is so much better in the mission when the members help you out.  Your life is made so much easier because if people have a friend they are so much more likely to listen.  

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