Lima Peru Temple

Lima Peru Temple
Lima Peru Temple

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The past week here has been crazy, so many good experiences.  Last p day was incredible.  After devotional we had a district testimony meeting and the spirit was so strong.  One of our elders was having a tough time and we knew it but didn´t know the problem.  He was fasting all day and in our closing prayer one of the Elders prayed specifically for him.  When we got back to our rooms I got the Elder and pulled him aside for an interview, and he opened up to me.  He asked me for a priesthood blessing at the end of our interview so I of course said yes and the Spirit was so strong.  I know the words that I was saying were not mine, I was directed by the Spirit.  It was the coolest experience.  The next day our whole district fasted for him and he didn´t know it until we broke our fast together with a prayer.  He thanked us profusely and said that it had been his best day so far.  The church is true.

Other than that it was just a normal week, and it is nice not to be the new ones anymore!  The oldest kids in our district left the past two days and we get new elders and hermanas tomorrow so that will be fun.

The instructors all tell us Peruvian Spanish is a lot different and a lot faster than Mexican Spanish so I am excited to just get to Peru and learn the real Spanish hahaha.  That´s all I have for this week.  Oh, I got to play basketball with Scotty, Elder Peery from BYU and we didn´t lose a game.  

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